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"Order ball?!I remember world cup finals, French brigade and Italian brigade be with order ball the victory or defeat is definitely of.Your affirmation makes the member of team once do to order ball well."
"Have no".
"I day, how don't you do."
The front of Lee has the Kui color the way:"So short time, which arrange come over.Also blame me to give greatly, have never thought a school inside to incredibly still have a coach with quite good level."
"That now how do?"
Take the offensive with all strength, fatalistic."
Liao learns a soldier to finish scolding Niang and starts praying heaven.
The match system of current game is 90 minutes, game be over after, directly get into some ball to make final bid, both parties don't need to beat to add match.
Are two classes of for two years to press completely in the last moment up, even clock Bai, Lin Xiao is all willing to excel the other party Lin Qu neighborhood.
When game got into to account, while harming to stop to repair three minutes, time the penny was an in the past, three years all of a class of bear dollar get ball.Return a strength ground to take toward bottom line and want to idle away time.
Receiving for use by the military to exert all one's skills all can't break ball from his foot, urgently must receive a soldier burning emit three battles, is just intending black feet.Cui government a burst of breeze must run to come over, a slippery spade gets ball.
It are two classes of morale, Qing nest but for two years.The ball beats into time and time again a class of for three years forbid area, but be broken siege time and time again.
The game still leaves a penny half clock.
Clock Bai at forbid area Hu crest the neighborhood got ball.The leaf jade tiger signals hint him to spread ball, the clock Bai thinks that oneself shoots, can leaf is the jade tiger a captain, exactly spread?
Hesitated so for a while, ball drive three years a class of Yao break to walk.
All the front bear dollar only a person stares at to defend, with one of his ability, suddenly break formative broad sword not in context of present discussion, extremely good opportunity to counter-attack!
The Yao concentrates on.Pour into whole life capability in this feet to spread ball up, need accurate one feet is long to spread, hand over the ball to the bear dollar of whole feet, the victory is our !
"Lead my this pass first!"The orotund Hong is bright matchless, this up is exactly Lin Xiao be willing to.Turning point.His decision gives up once the life fight and block up a gun eye by body.
The Yao has already not accepts to live feet, the ball quickly flies, and Lin Xiao Biao turns round to spare no effort to start to jump to impede to ball!
The ball beats at him largely bottom up, played to return to ……
However, this time the airspeed and track of ball.Not the elephant can result in to extremely kill once.
The ball crossed a class of top of head of rearguard for three years and flew to go into to forbid area and hadn't arrived small forbid area.It is already spent force, slowly crash down.
The ball obviously has already fallen into a wicketkeeper control scope inside, but see one person such as the benefit arrows sort wear person's wall deeply, fly body fish to jump but rise.
The ball was entered by the crest!Is the leaf's jade tiger!
The game also records into ball to announce be over along with this.
Are two classes of for two years depending Lin Xiao be willing to the miraculous bottom help to offend with leaf jade tiger of fascinating enter ball finally three years a class of football team pick to fall Ma Xia.Praise laurel wreath.
Field last member of team embrace each other mutually, tearful.Liao learns soldier and rate student outside the field to hurtle into a field.Everyone embraces into one regiment.Captain leaf jade tiger one make next, the member of team are an onrushing crowd to flow out in the past, learned soldier and Li Qian Gao to Liao to throw Gao toward the air.
Liao's learning a soldier is tossed about very a burst of, yell "put me down", the classmates tacit understanding of all suddenly spread to open.
He is finally fallen off a mouth to chew mire, lie on the turf-grass don't live moan.The Mu permits blue fall to see the form doing not already deplore greatly.
Hold, this helps a student to connect by this time disloyal forget whole I, wretchedness in the sky sees!
Immediately after and together the president addresses Xun words, however the audiences have already walked about, he roughly end to talk and let the board of directors distribute citation and trophy for champion troops, is football sportswear and crystal trophy, certainly the second prize also has reward, however for on football heart Gao Qi Ao's three years 1 class to say, being can not accept a ground of final outcome.
The leaf jade tiger walks on air, very happy, give birth to Long Huo Hu.Was complete just drive the miserable sight of the other party No.8 elbow shot.

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