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shelf of hundred percent curve in the center and downward, the color is thick heavy, and the whole assembly hall is full of heavy Arabian style.There is elegant food on the short feet table, even someone is dressed in full-length gown to seat on the floor, the hands are grasped and then eat.
Some hands hold long pike, skin in Middle Ages style A, tremble a leg to strike up a conversation a female.There is a female's hand that hold leather whip, tightly tie all over black fur-lined jacket skin skirt, dress up as to do Nue to love queen.Even there is still a queen body top not to wear anything, was stained with two slices of leaves just in the nipple part this impersonation should be an Eve role.
"Stimulate so much, they this is the wild party?"
"To, to, don't manage them, we seek a place first to sit down, slowly the company measures how to fix your cousin, she look like more interested material foundation."
"Teacher, you not is say to can become the dream to the spirit to the pursuing of material foundation conversion she?"
"Act according to circumstances, we want to act according to circumstances."
Well all lie toward sofa pieces full the men and women of flirtation, they return at this time overdo have already canned not found a Wei of joss-stick Chun and river rain Xi, basically heavy parts of persons wear a mask, even many people are same, from the clothing also hard recognize, because those have courage, besides which, greatly parts of persons or from hold an identity, Be not willing to bring shame to show face, remain but in western dress and leather shoes, only wear a mask, Wei joss-stick Chun person heap inside a crowded how can it possibly be to divide who is who?
"Teacher, how didn't you teach that surname Wei!Even I could not got use to, he thought that his daddy is president in the world, take out on being free to keep on talking without stop, perhaps his friend the inside belong to him lowest.My cousin really has no taste."
Liao learns soldier's vision to search a jeans, black windbreaker, wear the guy of monkey mask, mama of, this body dresses up in addition to the Vinaceous Rosefinch street car absolute being the autumn can also have who.Thought a to think, looked for person quiet place to tee off a telephone:"Mo Lao Wu, gave your thing still useful last time, owing my feeling shoulded return ……"
Monkey mask that person dynasty he walks, originally the car absolute being autumn also discovered that Liao learns a soldier.The acquaintance's needs to see a face, the clothes habit, body acts to distinguish very easily.
"Elder brother Bing, his mama of, is really a good place here, have already had five women to put forward to me improper request, but I at the thought of your order, immediately justice phrase strict brush-off, say, connect down how to do to live, I have already pushed to mutually and malely date, etc. tomorrow again match, fee childe at he body top and bottom pay attention to."The car absolute being autumn takes off a mask and peeps out a handsome Yi incomparable face.
Liao learns soldier great feeling dull face:"Later I nearby have chemisette words, don't stand 1 kilometer is at my radius in."Finally hear a satisfied but familiar laughter in the neighborhood, that Oman Ni in gray isn't Wei joss-stick Chun Yao, he still just and river rain Xi Kua Kua he/she talks, " autumn, let him take off clothes."
"This is simple, I only an action about."
The autumn find out a bottle of high wine to pour in the cup on the dining table and sway to leisurely sway to leisurely walk over there.The party inside is all to what stuff to look for a find person like this everywhere, basic nobody to he notices.The autumn walk to talk extravagantly of Wei joss-stick Chun flank, pretend false step, all of the wine sprinkle at make of body up.
"Feed, you how make, don't see someone?"The Wei joss-stick Chun turns a face Nu way, the regrettable bedcover covers, could not see a facial expression, otherwise that must be very funny.
"Is ashamed, I have color-blind and can't see a person." The autumn the slightest has no the meaning of sincere apology, on the knocking of Pa dress Jin that the Ran lighter sends to the quilt wine drenching up, the light flame fled.
"You are dry what!"Too late the Wei joss-stick Chun responsibility asks and quickly taps flame.Alcohol pure degree not enough Gao.Was clapped to extinguish right away, don't also harm a person, but the western dress is already one big slice of burned black.The Wei joss-stick Chun is without cause challenged, bring shame in front of beauty, very furious, stretched hand to grasp empty, that arsonist no longer knows where wents.
The Wei joss-stick Chun doesn't want to be influenced a mood by this matter, the coat took off, and luckily a shirt still an integrity didn't lack.It isn't in disgrace.The Wan lives river's rain Xi ground hand to say:"Walk, I take you to see a huge absolute being company old total childe."

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