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"Is other of no account, in have three words, I have been shining on this standard to be conducting, so the nobody despises me."Old Liao likes to blow Lei in some situations:"Footrace not ability Yin, poor and humble can not move, not cowed by force, this it calls gentleman, do you comprehend meanings in it?"
This a few words spread historic, summer how however don't know, say:"Being free from rich and honored temptation isn't poor and humble support, don't accept defeat for force, this is the real man."
"H'm, explain quite good, in fact induce only a words, being the person has to have backbone, do you have backbone?The time that is rich whether you is proud self-satisfied, the time have no money you will can't lose just for the sake of a bag of snack rational?The time been beaten whether you begged for mercy right away?"
"Independence character?"Summer however again stupid dumbly comprehended, imitated a Buddha of suddenly see a clear light in the dark night, fig up:"Teacher, I don't want to do a cartilage head again, you teach I how hug to have backbone!"
Liao learns a soldier to burst out laughing:"That wants to depend on oneself realization, slowly from the fulfillment exhumation of, how do I teach you?"
The summer however piteously entreats and suddenly thinks:"Before make me copy, he wanted a Mu to permit the CD of ice rain, examination let Chen Xuan rather spread note for me, she wanted ten boxes of chocolates and just made Anne in week point out where is wrong path, he ate 15 ice-cream ……world Xi Xi, all came for benefit, the sky came to Rang Rang and all went toward for benefit, wanted to get necessarily and first paid, just not knew that teacher Liao likes what things?"
The your book courage asks:"Teacher Liao, what is what you pursued ?"Not from secretly pray the teacher's wishes not is the love will find a way of world peace or wish world, also not want to become a permafrost Ba lord, that he can meeting not is this price.
"What pursue of, isn't goldfish and beauty?Ha ha, you be not?"Old Liao inattentively says with smile.
Summer however the in the mind calculated to open:"I is just several hundreds of pin money for a month, eat between meals and be blackmailed every day the penny didn't remain, how return can try to please teacher Liao, let him teach me the independence character?Beauty?I by myself be still place male!"Is very careful to looking at old Liao's facial expression to ask a way:"Teacher, just is that Tan's elder sister your girl friend?"
Old Liao wished Tan Zi Qing to all deny by himself/herself and continued again braggart words have already lost Tan to concuss and then say:"I old Liao's bachelor is a , how, do you want to introduce a female kid to me?"
Summer however working one Shan, call a way:"To, teacher, I have a cousin's a born beauty, the beauty is generous, rather I introduce to you, how?"
Liao learns a soldier on jumping but rising and clench a summer however of collar of dress way:"Good boy, you how late say!Make her come to comfort the mind of teacher's flimsiness quickly."
The summer is however pleasantly surprised, the teacher returns be really nakedly don't know to cover up of bitchy, however this time seem to be really have been already saved, keep the smiling face way company:"Teacher, you make me strong first, make other people not humiliate me, I promise to introduce a cousin to you, I tomorrow take and go to school for the cousin's photograph, she is very beautiful."
"Hold, does the boy dare to tease me?Lead in Lao Tze ten thousand flower bushes, the slice leaf doesn't is stained with a body, for attractive woman such as floating cloud general, will care your only a cousin?Return to earlier quickly, I tomorrow still need to have a class."
Summer however and finally still Dou however old crafty huge slippery Liao learns a soldier, so-called without desire then just, there is desire then not just, he with full intention thoughted of is he how become strong, immediately accept defeat:"Teacher, I say, can two matters carry on at the same time?You simultaneously teach me how to toughen independence character, I simultaneously help you the news for finding out a cousin, how?"
"Calculate, also doing not know your cousin was long what kind, in case of is a disfigured, I seek who cry about?The turnip green vegetables is each to have love, your esthetic sense isn't necessarily similar to me, perhaps you are sow sable Chan, sable Chan be sow?"
"Teacher, my cousin is really beautiful, you promised, did I still once peep her to change clothes, the chest is very big, and you absolutely can not control all alone."
"You are indeed as expected a guy of stuffy Sao, I see a circumstance again say."These students' returning is really troublesome and teach them the knowledge and also needs to teach them to be a person,

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